About Trilobyte

Trilobyte is an emerging electronic music production trio comprised of Peter Loomis, Jeff Richmond and Scott Larson. The group is focused on live production and studio recording as well as DJing and is currently based in San Francisco, CA.

Peter Loomis

Peter Loomis (aka Mystik) has been a long time DJ and producer here in the SF Bay Area scene. As a former live producer and member of The Loomi and Mystik Luminate, he brings a heavy trance and progressive background to an evolving techno and hybrid and crossover sound. Having produced both in a live project before as well as for years in the box for various trance and progressive projects, he has embraced the return to live playing and hardware interaction and brings some serious fire and hot beats when he rocks it.

Learn more at: www.mystiksound.com

Jeff Richmond

Jeff Richmond is a long time veteran of the San Francisco scene by way of Orlando, FL (you know he likes BASS!). Having spent years as a techno DJ spinning heads on the dance floor, now he has turned his attention to production and live performance with Trilobyte. A consummate DJ and groove jockey, Jeff’s infectious vibe and high energy complement this dynamic project adding drive and excitement to the trio. Also a long time Steady and 3° Member and DJ.

Learn more at: www.djjeffrichmond.com

Scott Larson

Scott Larson (aka Scottino) forms another axis of this triumvirate. Having had his FIX weekly for years here in SF, he has also turned towards production and live performance. Still rocking the decks at times also, Scottino’s focus on sequencing and sampling has extended into multi-functional live contributions that add dimension and funk where it counts. Scott’s background in the house music scene adds another fun element to the group sound.

Learn more at: www.djscottino.com