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Debut EP – ‘Future Fossils’ Coming in Spring 2021

Trilobyte - Future Fossils EP

Stay tuned Trilobyte Fans, our debut EP is coming soon in Spring of 2021! We have been working hard on our music ever since starting the project several years ago… (2017??) Ever since we’ve all been keen on producing tracks in the studio as well as working out a live workflow for jamming, part generation as well as more of a live studio jam or live PA preparation.

During this time in the Trilobyte mines, we’ve generated some “Future Fossils” and wanted to bring them to the surface for you to enjoy. Our first release will comprise two tracks that have withstood a couple years listening in the studio. Finally we’re ready to bring you Future Fossil and Lizard Brain, packaged together as a 2-track EP.

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