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Garage Jamming

Trilobyte - Garage Jamming

During 2020 and in an attempt to keep meeting while maintaining our social distancing, Scott hosted us in his garage and we were all able to set up our rigs to practice our developing live set and generate new material for studio & other recording projects.

We are also preparing for a live stream opportunity coming up sometime in the future. More details TBD as they become available.

Here you can see our various rigs in some state. Scott’s main rig, Jeff’s main rig and a travel rig of Peter’s.

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Trilobyte 2020 Demo – Full Mix & Tracks

Here’s a demo mix of our latest & most current production efforts so far, from November 11th, 2020. Enjoy & stay tuned as we’re hoping to start releasing some of these in 2021.

Track List:

  1. Trilobyte 2020 Demo – Full Mix (37:00
  2. Future Fossil (Dm / 120bpm)
  3. Papas Bravas (Am / 135bpm)
  4. Up One (Mystik Mix – Abm / 128bpm)
  5. Wanting (Mystik Mix – Em / 125bpm)
  6. Crystalline (Mystik Mix – Bm / 120bpm)
  7. Lizard Brain (Am / 135bpm)

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